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Act 2006 or 2008 integrate with phone systems?

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Act 2006 or 2008 integrate with phone systems?

Our company does recruiting and the majority of our business is done on the phone. It would be useful for us to be able to track the number of outgoing calls through Act especially as a way of keeping track of when a contact has been called. Is there a method of integrating a phone system with Act so that all outgoing calls are logged? I'm looking for something similar to how the history is tracked for sent emails. We currently use Act 2006 but are considering an upgrade to 2008 in the next few months. Our current phone system is a Nortel non-VOIP system. We would also consider upgrading to a VOIP setup if it would provide the integration with Act. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Act 2006 or 2008 integrate with phone systems?

Hi Dave,

There are ACT! telephony add-ons already available. However, given your situation I would strongly encourage you to check out who will be releasing an all-new enterprise-class integration with VoIP systems, likely within a month or two.

The new product will be called Call on ACT! and will feature an advanced call-control toolbar, within ACT!, that will allow you to easily manage multiple lines, conference calling, call-log customization and deep ACT! integration for things like creating Histories from calls. 

Best of all, the product is architected and built by ACT! engineers with more than ten years experience on the ACT! development team.  The CTO of CRM Integration Systems is a brilliant engineer named Gavin Stevens, who, this morning, posted a Blog entry about the product:

In your situation it might be perfect because it will come (optionally) bundled with industry-leading VoIP service from Telesphere, a national provider offering unbeatable pricing.

That's about all I can say about it for now… check out the web site and let me know if you'd like to sign up to help with beta testing which should begin within the next couple weeks.



Jason Sellers
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Re: Act 2006 or 2008 integrate with phone systems?

Dave, you could try itTAPI which links ACT! to many phone systems and adds many useful features for tracking phone calls. I use it myself.
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Re: Act 2006 or 2008 integrate with phone systems?

Jason, Thanks for the info. This is exactly what I'm looking for with regards to a VoIP setup. Not sure a non-VoIP solution will really fit my needs. It seems like there would be very little ability to integrate the computers/workstations with each phone/headset unless it's IP based. And I agree with Gavin, not interested in using Skype for our level of communications. I wouldn't mind beta testing, but I don't think we're going to be set up properly for that. I'm bookmarking Gavin's blog so I hope to hear more about this product in the future. Dave.
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Re: Act 2006 or 2008 integrate with phone systems?


Did you find a solution for your dialer?  Our product has been on the market for 6 months or so now, and has been very well received...


Call On CRM for ACT! - 


  • Click to Dial - Increase ACT! user productivity by offering click to dial right from your ACT! contact record.
  • Call Histories - Create call histories and follow-up activities with automatic tracking of calling activity in the customer record.
  • Screen Pops - Help your customers provide better service when inbound calls ring and automatically triggers a screen pop of ACT! customer information to their desktop PC.
  • Powerful VoIP Softswitch - Complete IP business telephone system is used as the foundation of the Call On CRM Solution.
  • Unified Voice Messaging - Powerful unified messaging included a part of the Hosted VoIP solution. Retrieve your voicemails from anywhere or have them arrive via e-mail.
  • Web-based call routing - Change the way your calls get routed with Simultaneous ring, remote office and more with this easy-to-use GUI application.
  • Integration with business applications - Seamlessly integrates with 10.0 and later version of ACT! CRM as standard.
  • Self management and reporting CRM software solution - Simplified Web based management and reporting eliminates the need for expensive 3rd party support. 
  • Multi-line support - Our advanced call handling solution allows simultaneous handling of multiple inbound and outbound calls.
  • Conferencing - One click conferencing with multiple callers, just dial and start
  • Reverse Lookup - Advanced Web 2.0 Integration with and APIs to lookup contact info by phone number, contact name or company.


Our product is also availble in Sage's Add-on Store:


CRM Integration Systems, LLC.
(480) 385-2512 office (888) 90-CRMIS toll free
Do you Call On CRM!?
"Seamless integration of ACT! by Sage with BroadSoft "hosted PBX" VoIP platform & Skype!"