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Act 19 wont install with a newer VC++ Redistributable

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Act 19 wont install with a newer VC++ Redistributable

The version of the VC++ 2010 x86 redistributable that is included with the Act 19 installation media will not recognize that there is a newer version already installed on the system and causes Act 19 install to crash with a registry error. Removing VC++ from the PreReq0 of Act 19 installation in the .ini file (who even uses ini files anymore?  Seriously hello 1990) does not help the problem.


We're installing this on a system with other software that has updated the redistributable package and this system has a working version of Act 18! running on it as we speak.  When the VC++ redistributable is the same version or earlier, Act 19! appropriately updates the software and/or reinstalls it because neither scenario is different to the installer.


Can't get Act to upgrade from 18 to 19 on this one computer in the office.  Is there any way to bypass the VC++ check and just install the Act 19 binaries.

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Re: Act 19 wont install with a newer VC++ Redistributable

Hi Kressilac,

Could you please let us know what the exact error message is when you try to install Act! currently?

I have a couple of suggestions:
Try deleting the PreReq folder from inside the Dependencies folder in the install media and running the Act! installer again.
If this fails, then my next suggestion would be removing the redistributable from the PC, installing Act!, then updating the redistributable for compatibility with your other software.