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Act! 18 and Office 365 Click to Run installation compatibility.

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Re: Act! 18 and Office 365 Click to Run installation compatibility.

I know the OP frustration....I came to the thread hoping there would be answers, but instead found crickets and broken souls. 


This is sooooo tiresome.  I mean, even when ACT! was developed by SAGE, it was always running 1-2 versions behind MS Office.  I remember having to edit some .xml file in ACT!2012 in order to work with Outlook 2010....  Seriously considering the 'other' CRM at this point.  I feel like swiftpage is in over their head.

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Re: Act! 18 and Office 365 Click to Run installation compatibility.



I followed the instructions in the ACT KB38580 article, dated March 16, 2017,  which identified the cause:




"This issue occurs as a result of a Microsoft defect revolving around MAPI that surfaced in versions of Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2016 obtained through an Office 365 subscription prior to version 16.0.7668.2074. On January 31st, 2017, Microsoft released an update version 16.0.7668.2074 that resolved issues with MAPI, but not all users received this update automatically due to their installation update channels being set to Deferred Channel instead of Current Channel."


After some false starts, I searched for "current channel for Office 365."  The fourth entry on page 1 of the search results is:

Office 365 client update channel releases. Get information about all of the channel releases for Office 365 client applications. ... Current Channel March 14, 2017 ...
When I clicked on the buttons for "Current Channel" and "2017" and made sure all of the months were unclicked, I saw for myself that it confirmed the ACT KB38580 article that the current release from January 31 was what was needed.
Next I clicked on the buttons for "Deferred Channel" and "2017" and made sure all of the months were unclicked.  I saw for myself that the Deferred Channel currently downloads a version from 2016.
I looked further down KB35850 and saw:


Resolving the issue
Microsoft resolved this issue in an update that may not have automatically downloaded to In order to resolve this issue, you need to ensure that your Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 suite is up to date. You can resolve this by following the steps below:

  1. Switch Outlook to the Current Channel using the steps in the following Microsoft documentation:

    How to switch from Deferred Channel to Current Channel for the Office 365 suite
  2. Attempt to synchronize to test



When I read through that article I unhappily discovered that the switch described there is only one way.


I tried to search on "How to switch from Current Channel to Deferred Channel for the Office 365 suite but did not get an answer.


I emailed Microsoft Support about the problem and a representative called me back several hours later.


The representative told me that there is a way to also switch back.  At that point, I had run out of time and she could not find a Microsoft article for how to switch back to Deferred Channel.  Before I upgrade, I want to know how to do that without breaking anything.


We are scheduled to talk later today but I only have 30 minutes to learn it and understand it.  The representative has the rest of the week off after today, so I will try to respond to you tomorrow or Monday.


Yes, SwiftPage jumped the gun in mid-February but software is always a moving target, which is why I will be upgrading my Office 365 license first and returning to Deferred Channel to make sure that I am safely deferred there.  Then I will be upgrading from Windows 10 (which only supports Current Channel)  to Windows 10 Pro which supports Deferred Channel in addition to Current Channel just as Office 365 does.  If I do this soon enough, I should be able to postpone the "Creators Update" aka Windows 10 Version 1704 upgrade for several months while it settles down.


Hope this helps for now