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Act 10 - Purge Millions of sync records?

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Act 10 - Purge Millions of sync records?

Our database is now at 1GB, with about 25,000 contacts.  


But according to the Table Recordcounts report, the Sync history tables total millions of records.  For instance:

CTL_SYNCROW_DELETE: 1,141,124 records;

SYNC_ROWADD_DELETE: 402,872 records. 


CTL_SYNCDBMAP_ROWDATA: 393,746 records


Is there a way to purge these records, and would that bring the ADF file size down and improve performance?   We sync with 2 remotes.



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Re: Act 10 - Purge Millions of sync records?

a couple of thoughts.


The numbers you see in the sync records are not indiciative of hte number of records in the database.  More frequent syncronization will see these number drop.


You are well within the limits of what ACT can handle.


How frequently are you syncing? Frequent syncing can improve performance dramatically.  In fact, syncing hourly in most cases will get your sync times to under a minute in most cases, expecially with two users.


\My Opinion is NOT that your database is bloated, but that you should increase the frequency of your syncs.


There are purge uptions, but in my opinion would not have major implications all by itself.

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