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Accessing ACT Database from web site?

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Accessing ACT Database from web site?

Hello All,


Need some help here.  I have a client who has ACT! 2008 (v.10) Premium for workgroups.  It is installed in a Windows 2003 server, which is exposed to the Internet.  The database was installed using the built in SQL Express, not onto SQL Server which is art of the Server installation.


I'm going to be developing a web site for this client, and they need me to print out a contact list on the site.  The thing is, the contact list has to come from the ACT! database, so it's printing live, up to date contents.


I've done some research on this, and found that if I install the ACT! Read Utility, it will give me a read only username and password for accessing the database. Presumably, I can use this username and password to access the database using SQL queries from PHP.


My question is, normally, you can access an SQL Server database from a windows server machine. But, am I going to have a problem because the database was installed in a separate SQL express database?  Can this be seen from the web, like a normal SQL Server database?


If it cannot, is it easy/possible to migrate the ACT database from SQL Express to SQL Server?


Thank you for any help you can provide!



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Re: Accessing ACT Database from web site?

Your end goal is easy to do.


At first I was thinking the license agreement wouldn't allow it but its doable. Using the ACT! Reader is a great idea and should take you less than a day to do...

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Re: Accessing ACT Database from web site?

GLComputing wrote:

You might find this useful:

Thanks, but that table is daunting.  Right now I'm more concerned with whether or not it's possible to get at the data. I know I need to use the act reader utility, as this will give me the username and password for the database, but I'm not sure how I can access it on the web server if it's tied to SQL express.  I have plenty of experience using MySQL through PHP, and I know I can access a SQL Server database through PHP, but I'm not sure if it will work in this case.


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Re: Accessing ACT Database from web site?