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Access To Path is Denied

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Re: Access To Path is Denied

Hi Robert 


Citrix may be a other story, pls call me under +41 715 087-209 or +498282800400




Ingo Lange

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Re: Access To Path is Denied

If not already done change the path in the PAD file from the server name to the server IP address to see if that fixes.

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Re: Access To Path is Denied

Hi Ingo, did you get my email?




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Re: Access To Path is Denied

The issue is related to corrupt registration files. Please delete all the files listed below. Then open Act! back up and it will ask you to register again and then you should be good to go.





then Delete the entire directory and its contents C:\ProgramData\Act\ActData


Gary Robillard

Corelogix Corporation

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Re: Access To Path is Denied

Copying the .pad file to the desktop and running from there has worked for us.  Hope this helps. 


Luci Packett
Stewart Technologies
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Re: Access To Path is Denied

If it helps anyone receiving this error in the year 2020 - we saw this issue using an RDS server setup. Both the RDS copy of ACT and the copy on the standalone ACT server would show this error - although running as admin would have no issues, which indicated to me entitled users were missing some kind of permissions access.


If this sounds like you, check the C:\ProgramData\Act folder, and ensure that entitled users have at least read access to it and every subfolder/file inside it (you can try full, I did modify but it's probably overkill). Once done try launching the application again as the user. If you still see it, it might be worth making sure they have permissions to the ACT DB files in whatever documents folder you stuck it in - that was my first step but didn't end up solving the problem. The ProgramData folder contains the licensing afaik, so it seems like whoever runs the application needs to have the permissions to allow the app to read it's own licensing files. Interestingly, this issue appeared out of nowhere and heretofore had to been running fine for two weeks since we upgraded from an ancient version (Act 2011).