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API Change Alert Notification

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API Change Alert Notification


I know this may not be the correct place, but I am hoping to be connected with someone who can answer these.

My name is Kelly I work for Cloud Elements. We help businesses integrate many different API's and its extremely important we are current and up to date when each API is updated. I need some help to better understand your change/update policy so we can document it on our end and I am having some trouble locating it on your site.

1. How are administrators/developers notified of an imminent release? (email notification, release notes)

2. What is your policy on backwards compatibility? Are past versions supported and to what extent?


I am talking specifically about ACT! Premium



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Re: API Change Alert Notification

I assume you mean the new Web API as opposed to the SDK?
1. I'd expect these to happen when the product gets a version upgrade ... Users, unless they are on Premium Cloud, can choose when to apply them.
2.The SDK updates have mostly been backwards compatible (except for .Net changes). As the Web API is new, time will tell how they deal with that.

I guess this is something that management should create a policy on ... I might ask around to see if this has been considered at this time
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Re: API Change Alert Notification

Hi Kelly,

As you are part of one of our 3rd party vendors, I think this kind of questioning might be better suited to direct contact with our product team. I'll have someone reach out to you to answer your questions.