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APFW Users being logged out...

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APFW Users being logged out...

I have a recurring problem with users being logged out of APFW.


This occurs whenever they try to insert a note or schedule an activity within a Group.


They will get logged out of the system and sent back to the main log in screen with an error:


"An error has occurred on the server and has been logged. Please contact your administrator if this problem persists."


On our side (the server is hosted) we can see the following error in our log (this is the only error being generated):

Has anyone ever seen this problem or have any advice on what is happening? Maybe this is a .NET or SQL error related problem?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: APFW Users being logged out...

Try these settings for IE replacing the domain name with your own.



Brad Marquardt
realtimeACT, Inc
Colorado, USA
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Re: APFW Users being logged out...

I wish it could have been something that simple. Those settings have always been in place (and verified).
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Re: APFW Users being logged out...

We have exactly the same error. ie when a online user tries to access notes he gets logged off. 


We are using APFW 11.1.


Immediately before this error started, a 1000 new contacts were imported, doubling the size of our db. 


We found restarting the web server on a weekly basis the only way to shift the issue.


If someone knows of a widgit to restart XP Pro automatically, please could they let me know.



Really impressed with the features of ACT and the telephone support, unimpressed with how many bugs I'm finding, the main two annyances are:

- online users with limited accounst run into Java script errors all over the place (everyone is now an administrator!).

- sql server running on the server seems to tie up all the resources unnecessarily.