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'ACTADMIN' login is disabled

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'ACTADMIN' login is disabled

I have upgraded from ACT v 11 to ACT v11 Premium. I am encountering a problem with the ACT system becoming unusable.
On opening/using ACT on the server or a client, I have been receiving the message "Act Database Cannot be accessed.  Check your network connection or firewall".
The Application event log shows a large number of 'Failure Audit' entries relating to MSSQL$ACT7. The event is 18456/'Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN''. Eventually the account will be locked out (Event ID: 18486 - Login failed for user 'ACTADMIN' because the account is currently locked out. The system administrator can unlock it), preventing the ACT server from allowing any connections to the project.
I am unable to unlock the account as I do not have administrator access to the database. The only way to unlock the account is to reinstall the MSSQL$ACT7 instance and therefore recreate the account.
I have seen similar issues in the knowledge base, but there is not a definite reason or fix for the issue. I have changed the DEP settings on the server - but this seems a strange modification for this type of error.
I have found the following forum:
Will the file 'MySecApp2.exe' prevent the issue reoccurring or is it a temporary fix?
Anyone found the cause?
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Re: 'ACTADMIN' login is disabled

Please call ACT! technical support for assistance in your issue.  They will have the utilities to unlock the account.