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ACT2013 Prem startup problem

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ACT2013 Prem startup problem

Suddenly I get upon startup following error:


Binary stream '0' does not contain a valid Binary Header.Possible causes are invald

stream or object version change between serialization and deserialization.


I removed/deleted the ACT premium 2013, re-installed it and again get the same pop up and program is

not contineuing.


What to do ?





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Re: ACT2013 Prem startup problem

If your computer has the database, it is important to back up the ACT! Database files - Browse to the location of your database. Copy the following files:

(Database name).ADF

(Database name).ALF

(Database name)-database files (Folder)

If this is not possible, refer to the following article - - How to Copy/Move/Back Up Your Database Without Doing a Backup and Restore  CLICK HERE  At the beginning of this article will show how to release the database in ACTDIAG, then follow the procedure to copy the files manually


Then, to try to solve the problem, refer to Article Answer ID 31262  CLICK HERE

This issue can be caused by a damaged Windows® user profile or a damaged Windows operating system - Then reinstall ACT! it will not solve the problem.

I'm no expert, but this is my idea - Good luck


Everyday I learn something new
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Posts: 56
Country: Netherlands

Re: ACT2013 Prem startup problem

Yes what you said, I have done, finally it was in the Windows System error.

Repaired windows and problem is solved !!

I think it was an virus, inspite Virus prg running in background.

Thanks again Juancho