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ACT2010 Premium and Import It not compatible

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ACT2010 Premium and Import It not compatible

I installIed upgraded this morning from ACT2009 Stand to ACT2010 Premium and found out that

my Program Import IT Pro-(Sql) I bought end of June 2009 from GL computing Australia for USD 815

is NOT compatibible anymore with ACT2010.

I informed GL Computing Australia /Mike Lazarus (regular visitor here) and they dare to say I had to pay

extra USD 300 to get the "Upgrade"

for this ACT2010.I showed my big frustration and asked them very clearly to reconsider this matter.


In their Website they still today say it is compatible with " ACT2008 and later", so you might believe Act2010.

Also CRMADDON factory GmbH is not speaking about any "upgrade" for ACT2010


I have this program for two months now and it started already with big problems,CRMADDON in Germany

said, your 4 Gb Memory Vista computer is too small,you need 12 GB at least,so I did,they

remotely repaired,because it freezes all the time and finally July 1st it was working with my

4 months old ACT2009 standard.


I can fall back to ACT2009 and ImportIt"old version" and do the import and then install Act2010,

but that is a little stupid with a two months old program.

Meantime CRMADDON in Germany called us and said they were developing a new version 3 and that

cost them a lot of money, so we "must understand" this.

They stick to the payment for upgrade.

So I will work with the older version and afterwards upgrade to 2010.





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Re: ACT2010 Premium and Import It not compatible

Actually, itImport is compatible with ACT! 2010, it just requires an upgrade

  • I have checked, and you did purchase from Bevhost on the 21st of June. Not from GL Computing
  • With many ACT! add-ons, there is a charge for upgrades which are usually required when ACT! does an upgrade that makes the previous add-ons not work.
  • In June, ACT! 2010 wasn't "about to be released", it was only released last week.
  • Sage offers free upgrades from the previous version if the upgrade is within 30 days of purchase. CRMAddon actually offer free upgrades within 60 days but, unfortunately, this too has expired.
  • As ACT2010 needs huge reprogramming of the Import (i.e. the Opportunities changed completely and a lot of other minor things) the developers have to be paid
  • The developers are working on version 3.0, it has many more functions and it will be much faster. It will also run outside of ACT to avoid the memory issues as you had.
  • This is no different from most software companies. Microsoft does the same. For example, if you had MS SQL2000 on XP/Win2003 and you upgraded to Vista/Win2008, you would also have to pay for the upgrade of MS SQL to SQL2005 as SQL2000 won't run on the later operating systems.
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Re: ACT2010 Premium and Import It not compatible

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Hallo Mike,

Do not make things worse.

I ordered from YOU, as it is on YOUR website. Payment and key is something else.


You knew end of June 2009 from my emails that the program IMPORTIT was not working,I got

several serial keys from CRMADDon, the last on July1st,when THEY finally got the program

running with ACT2009.,by remote control/installation. CRMADDON which I called/emailed several times,

they forgot even two times to update their server with the new keys and only on July 1st is was working.


You say : 60 days (!! well well what a good service) guarantee/update free. and 60 days has passed. From July1 st it is

till today 69 days, so even my tax-controler would forgive me. Now for these 9 days I have to pay you

again (after the first USD 815) a USD 300 for an "upgrade". From your 23 June it is seven days more,ala.


I got a second call from the CEO /Director of

CRMADDON Germany  (we speak German also), that they stick to their attitude,that upgraders have to pay,

even when they are a couple of days "overdue".   

I will not going to pay extra,get a key 3-4 days later and maybe running  into troubles again,the more,

as they admitted that larger databases are a pain in the a.. with this program,inspite of 12 GB memory!!


They work on a newer version (releasedate unkown),so I will NOT continue with this program anymore.

So for me a waste of money/efforts.

There are better,cheaper, smoother solutions,if you surf  a while on the Internet.

If you would like to know... pay me USD 300 !! and 3-4 days later I will tell you !






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Re: ACT2010 Premium and Import It not compatible



As we don't actually sell direct, it would not be possible to purchase from us. You may want to check with your credit card company to confirm this.


I'm sorry you feel that way, but it would be the same for ACT! 2007 users who upgraded to Windows Vista or Office 2007 - they would also need to upgrade ACT! as the previous versions wouldn't work.


It is always important, when upgrading any software, to confirm if other products you link to it support the new version or if they require an upgrade.


ACT! 2010 does require many of the add-ons to be upgraded (especially if they link to opportunities as Import does) and not many vendors could afford to do this for free.

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Re: ACT2010 Premium and Import It not compatible

In the early days of Import IT I experienced a similar situation. I was misled about the need to upgrade and despite proof, the company went back on it's promise. The best thing is to make it known so as others are aware of the practise. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors about the incompatibility issues, in reality the time to bring a product such as an import utility up to compatibility with a new release is minimal. Granted that ACT! 2010 introduces Opportunities table changes but the case you describe I think it is shabby and short sighted. The product gets bad press and the hard line attitude of the company costs sales in the long run. It is a good product, badly served.

Graeme Leo
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