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ACT2009 contacts on PPC start repeating

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ACT2009 contacts on PPC start repeating

We are having a strange problem with syncing the ACT contacts from premium 2009 to the HTC Tilt (ATT)

ActiveSync will start looking for changes and it finds the contacts that need to be pushed to the device. it looks like it completes.

The first Sync will do 928 contacts

then the second will do 2050 contacts then repeat the sync again with 928.


the contact list is set to sort by compnay: 

when we check the contacts on the phone it will start listing all the contacts, but when we reach a contact "Odell" the contact start repeating  and we end up with 200+ "Odell" entries. We can only view the first "Odell"listing, but not any busequent one. if we try to browse to a letter past O it wont let us since it cant find one. when we sort by name they all seem to show up, but the user has so many contacts that sorting by company is the only way she will work with the phone.


We synced with outlook and its having no issues so this problem only occurs when ACT2009 is synced.

i tried uninstalling ActiveSync, ACT!Link and even reinstalled the ROM on the phone but we still get the same issue.


here is our system information:

Windows XP


ActiveSync 4.5

Windows Mobile 6.1

ATT HTC Tilt  (3.57.502.2 WWE)



any ideas why we are having this issue?

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Re: ACT2009 contacts on PPC start repeating

Setup the link to sync with the ACT! demo database. You will need to find out if its database specific or not.  If it is, then you can run through database maintenance using the KB below.


Database Rebuild and Repair Procedures