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ACT won't maximize and/or open its window

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ACT won't maximize and/or open its window

I have a problem with ACT Premium 2010 on a dual drive Toshiba A505 laptop.


Two weeks ago this laptop crashed so I installed a clean copy of Windows 7 Professional and all software on the boot SSD.  I rebuilt the database from the server as well which resides on the second "data drive".  ACT worked fine for over a week.


Today, however, when you launch ACT it goes through the startup/login screens then appears minimized in the taskbar.  It will not maximize at all.  No other program appears to have a problem and Outlook works just fine.  It does not appear to be a hardware issue either.


Windows Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) shows the Application and Processes as running fine but the "Switch To" button won't bring the ACT window to the screen. 


Right clicking on the icon in the taskbar allows you to switch databases and close the program.  Switching to the "ACT2010Demo" brings up the "Alarms" window for the default Alarm.  Snoozing the alarm for 5 minutes will bring up the Alarm window up again in 5 minutes.


With that I've successfully ruled out that the program is frozen.


When I was first given the laptop my first reboot brought up a Windows Firewall message regarding ACT's config.  I don't consider that out of the ordinary since it's a newer installation of Windows.


I initally set ACT to an open setting but when that didn't work I disabled Windows Firewall entirely then deleted Norton Internet Security to make sure there wasn't a firewall conflict.  No other firewall is installed that I can find.  I have not reinstalled either yet even though it appears to not be a part of this problem.


I then launched the laptop in Safe Mode although ACT wouldn't open in safe mode and the feature it needed wouldn't launch in safe mode (but I tried).


My next step was to uninstall ACT then reboot and reinstall- however the problem still persists.


After that I tried everything I could find to test and make sure the window is not maximizing off screen.  This includes resetting the display size, hooked up then disconnected an external monitor, moving and resizing the task bar to make sure it wasn't behind it, right clicking on the taskbar and trying all those options, etc.  I also disabled the Windows feature that resizes the window when dragged to the side.


In doing all of this I realized that when you hoover over the taskbar icon there isn't a true "preview thumbnail" window- just a header bar that says "ACT! by Sage Premium - DB Name..."  So it appears ACT isn't actually generating a window to display.


That's the best lead I have to this problem...


I've searched this forum for "minimize" and "maximize" and other keywords but haven't come up with this exact problem. 


Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to make ACT work again?  Naturally it's an important user...


Thanks in advance for your advice.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: ACT won't maximize and/or open its window

Hello Sid,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


Your description sounds like the ACT! program is being displayed outside of the monitor viewing area.  Here is an article with steps to resolve this: KB Article 23807

Greg Martin