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ACT with Apple Computer

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ACT with Apple Computer

I have a new employee with an Apple Computer.  Can He run ACT desktop version?


My Version: Act! Premium Version, Update 4

We sync to our Web version but work from our desktop versions.


His laptop runs Sierra 10.12


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Re: ACT with Apple Computer

Unfortunately the installed version of Act is not compatible with any version of Mac OSX.

As a workaround, you could set up Act! Premium for Web and your employee could access the database via a website in Chrome. It's worth noting that Office integration is not compatible with a Mac when accessing via web.

Alternatively, if you use something like 'Parallels' to run a Windows virtual machine on your Mac, you could install the desktop version on the Windows side.
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Re: ACT with Apple Computer

I have a MacBookl Air, I virtualize a Windows 10 to 64 Bit with VirtualBox (Free) in that virtual machine


CLICK HERE ...  OSx Hosts


I have installed Office 2016 32Bit, and I have an Act! remote database that I synchronize with the server through the local network (not necessarily by internet ) ... and that way I can open my virtual machine is anywhere with my remote database, then I have my contacts and emails anywhere.


If the physical computer has 4 GB of memory I can use 2 GB to the virtual machine and it works very well, in fact I only have 50 GB on the hard drive of that virtual machine.... and it's all I need for Windows 10 PRO 64Bit, Office 2016 32Bit, my email with Outlook and my remote database, I also have the most used documents in my office



The use of the remote database allows me to work outside of my office, and... When I return to the office, the first thing I do every day is to synchronize the Act! remote database.


I'm not an expert but it's an idea.


Best regards,