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ACT v22.1 Address book is blank

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ACT v22.1 Address book is blank

Hello everyone,

Currently we are using ACT! Premium V21 and it works fine.

We plan to upgrade to ACT! V22.1 but we face an issue.


When we upgrade the database file to ACT! v22, the Outlook address book is blank, but the name of all the groups are displayed, just the contact part is empty.


From what I read, from ACT v22, they pull contacts from API or something instead of the old way.

The problem is everything works fine with the DemoDatabase, but it does not work with our company database.

This also leads to Marketing Automation problem, they cannot load contacts from the group, then "pause" the campaign with the error "Group is null". This doesn't even work with our ACT V21, too.


It seems like the API can't pull the contact from our database due to format or something.


I have called ACT! and they said our database may be corrupted, so we need to contact the 3rd party database repair service. Unfortunately, we do not have the budget for that repair. 


We tried every option in ACTDIAG but no luck.


I would like to ask if anyone has encountered this similar issue before and point us to some directions? Thank you and we really appreciate that.