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ACT! v21 Contact Integration to Outlook

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ACT! v21 Contact Integration to Outlook

Using Outlook as part of the Office 365 package.  Finding that when I click on email in ACT! Contact it now only provides the email address of the Contact, omitting the contact name it used to provide.    I do not want my company sending emails to prospective clients with only their email address. Unproffessional.  I am told that I can set up an additional "contact database" using ACT!, but this creates a multiple step process to what used to be a single click.  I'm told by our IT people and our ACT! distributor, Keystroke, that there is not fix for this condition.

Software headed in reverse in terms of ease of use!  Will lead me to consider options.  Small company of 13, user of ACT! since 1998, looking for a better anser.

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Re: ACT! v21 Contact Integration to Outlook

True, even synchronizing the contacts of Act! to Outlook... 



Important to keep it in mind and Fix it