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ACT v16 for Web

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ACT v16 for Web

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Upgraded from v15 to v16 and the ACT! application works fine.  ACT! 2013 for Web v15 worked great, however, in v16, I can log in but don't get the contact info.   I get a blank page, with no layout. I see the top and left toolbars but there is no count on the # of contacts. I have checked the kb and made sure that the anti-virus is not blocking scripts.  Nothing else on the server has changed network wise.  On the workstations, I have reset IE10 and tried the compatibility view setting and made sure the URL is in the trusted sites.


I have logged into the demo database and get the same results.


I also tried changing the layout on the web, same results.


Any thoughts?

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Re: ACT v16 for Web

Troy E,


   Welcome to the Act! Community Forum!


   Usually when I see an issue like this I like to rule out browser issues by trying it in another browser.  Can you try this in Firefox or Chrome?  You may get a notice about an unsupported browser with Chrome, just bypass that with the continue button.


  Since this is happening in multiple databases I would assume that the web controls did not install correctly.  I would consider checking your event viewer to see if any errors are being passed to the server, as well.


  Let me know how the browser test goes.

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