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ACT! v11 Lockups and Windows Handle Error Messages

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ACT! v11 Lockups and Windows Handle Error Messages

We migrated our ACT! (ST) installation in Nov '08 from v7 to v11. At the same time, we moved to a new Dell 2950 quadcore server w/ 4GB of RAM. Most of our clients have 2-3GB or RAM.  We have no more than 20 concurrent users on this server at a time and no more than 10 to a database. 


Ever since Nov., our "power" users normally lockup 2-3 times per day.  Most of the times, these lockups occur when the users are viewing a contact and/or entering a history record or opportunity record.  It rarely happens when executing a Lookup or importing / exporting records.  When the machine "locks up", the user sees the contact's histories or opportunities disappear and then they are unable to do anything but logout of ACT!.  When they log back in, all is well.


Usually this problem occurs when multiple users are logged into the db at the same time.  Most times these lockups occur at peak times, such as 10:30 -12 in the am and 3 - 4:30 in the pm. When one user's machine locks up, the other users are bound to lockup shortly thereafter.  Sometimes, the users get a message stating "Windows Handle Error".  No other info is provided and no events are shown on the server or clients.  We have 6 rdb users and sometimes these users lockup as well.


At first, we thought this issue was server related, but it now occurs on a separate server at similar times.  We also thought it was db related, but it also occurs on another db which was created from scratch.  We just upgraded to v11.1 and have noticed no changes.  Our server's utilization rarely exceeds 10 %.


Any thoughts ?


Mike McKie

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Re: ACT! v11 Lockups and Windows Handle Error Messages

You're experiencing a handle leak.  Add the handles column to the task manager to find which process is having the issue.
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Re: ACT! v11 Lockups and Windows Handle Error Messages



I am also having the same problems as the OP.  I added a handles column, but I don't see anything with a high number of handles.  The top 5 are: System (2349 handles), svchost.exe (1626 handles), iexplore.exe (1332 handles), OUTLOOK.EXE (1238 handles), and explorer.exe (1020 handles).  The rest drop down to 750 handles and less.


The problem occurs more often now.  And it happens at random times with random usage.  Anywhere from doing a lookup; looking at the history tab and scrolling down; clicking on different tabs to see contact information. 


The interesting thing is I am the only one affected in the company, is there something else I could do, maybe un-install and reinstall?  This started happening when I upgraded to V.11.