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ACT upgrade

Tuned Listener
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Country: Denmark

ACT upgrade

I have a few questions regarding ACT for Web.


1) If we choose to host the solution ourselves then we can customize fields, change layouts etc?   


2) Is it possible to run some kind of "offline mode" if you, for some reason, haven't got access to the internet. 


Best regards,





Nickel Super Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: ACT upgrade

1. With ACT! Premium V16, if you install on your own server, you can make Field and Layout changes in the version installed directly on the server or by Internet (Also You can rent a hosted server - This is going to be secure and confidential)


2. With ACT! Premium V16you can have remote databases synchronizing online or by the local network (LAN) - For this you must have install the sync services (both) on the server - in computers for remote users must install ACT! V16 Premium (Windows Access Version) In addition SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (SP2)  -  In this way, users will be able to work offline in the database, and when they are online (Internet) or return to the office they will be able to synchronize


I hope these ideas are helpful.  Best Regards,