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ACT syncing issues

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ACT syncing issues

Forgive me in advance as my knowlege of ACT is limited to what I've researched on these forums.


I am trying to sync a remote database to the ACT publisher. The remote user receives the standard error of "ACT is uable to connect to the sync server".


The ACT publisher's computer was a Windows XP PC and has been replaced with a Windows 7 Pro PC 64 bit. The IP on the publisher has also changed.


I set up one remote users database sucessfully (Same domain as the publisher) and it has been able to sync.


The user who is having the problems is able to ping the publishers computer. All are using the same port and I have verified on the publisher that it is listening on the correct port. The remote user is on a different domain but has always been on a different domain and it has worked in the past.


I have also tried creating a new sync set and pointing to the new IP but no luck.


Just wondering if I need to recreate a new remote database for this client.

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Re: ACT syncing issues

YOur problem is most likly permissions or conectivity between the two computers. Since you created a new remote and it still doesn't work, that rules out any issues with the machine name, etc.


Make sure you can ping the IP address of the publisher database (start, run, cmd, ping IP ADDRESS).  Also try turning off all firewalls on both machines for the purposes of this test.


Is the new computer on the same network and withing the office?


HEre is an article that provides more in depth insight to this error.

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