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ACT! report writer sort sequence

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ACT! report writer sort sequence

I created a new ACT! report writer report based off of a Product report. I didn't use an Opportunity template because fields I need reside in the Product table. I renamed one of the Opportunity user fields to "Principal" (vendor) and set the high order sort sequence to Principal. The second sort sequence is Product Name on the Opportunity Product table.

The report does not sort on Principal. As you all know there's precious little on documentation on how the ACT report writer works.

Any ideas on how to get this report to actually sort on the field I've selected?

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Re: ACT! report writer sort sequence

There's no way to make that work. The ACT! reports can be sorted only on fileds that are located on the table the report is based on. The report you modified is based on the product table not the opportunity table so you can't sort on an opportunity field.


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.

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Re: ACT! report writer sort sequence

Depending upon your needs for "printing", a custom dashboard using the SQL component or the DevNet SQL component could certainly get the data you need, sorted however you want...