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ACT premium update questions

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ACT premium update questions

Hi guys,


I'm running ACT Premium 2012 on a couple of PCs and the master database is on a Windows Home Server.


It works fine, however only the other day I realised I also have the 2013 version, as part of the software assurance program.


I'm currently replacing one of our PCs and so need to install ACT on it and thought it might be a suitable time to upgrade to 2013.


The big question however, is what's involved?  Can I expect the upgrade to be a smooth process?  


Is it worth upgrading to 2013?


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Re: ACT premium update questions

You'll need to upgrade all your machines at once to ACT! 2013.  You can't mix and match your versions.


It should be a simple process, just run the install on all yoru machines, and it will upgrade everything for you.

Mark Hammer
ACT! Fanatic