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ACT on terminal server (without office) using local office ?

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ACT on terminal server (without office) using local office ?

Is there any way to do such an instalation that on terminal server there is clean act instalation but without MS Office, and use somehow local Outlook Word and Excell. Before user connect to server they open VPN connection .there are about 15 users so VPN instalation will rather not work ? (or maybe im wrong ? what do you think ) . Is it possible to to  just outlook integration services on local comps and than add act contact book to outlooks book ? will that services install also outlook act addons ? or if not if i install act local too and than uninstall it just to have outlook addons ? will such a thing works ? 



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Re: ACT on terminal server (without office) using local office ?

basically you need to have ACT and MS Office installed on the same machine to take advantage of the integration between the two.  I'm not aware of anyone who has configured either citrix or terminal services to work directly with a local copy of Office and a Hosted or Terminal server ACT.


Two work arounds

1) install Office on the terminal server

2) use the ACT for Web plugin (would gain you partial functionality.


We get that question all the time and as a result, we host ACT and Outlook together on our servers to users can take advantage of the full desktop integration.

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