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ACT is deleting groups of contacts, seems to be ones that are duplicate records

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Re: ACT is deleting groups of contacts, seems to be ones that are duplicate records

I'm with ya - they kept insisting someone was logged in off site or something when none of us do that (and the guy supposedly deleting this stuff while he was out of town on coast guard duty didn't even know how to get in remotely if he wanted to!)


Our database was cloud based when this was first happening and the techs told us it would be $50 per contact for them to restore them.  Of course I wasn't gonna pay hundreds of $ for THAT BS...  they've since moved our database to our server and it's still happening, but I guess now I have the option of figuring out how to restore them.


I don't know about SSL and SQL and all this other stuff people keep mentioning, but maybe this will help - our IT guy (separate from the techs that host our ACT) set it up so our estimators can remotely access the shared documents on our server, and pretty sure they are also able to access the ACT database on our server.  Their ACT is on laptops so I don't know anything about mobile versions for other devices, so not sure if any of this is helpful  Smiley Wink

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Re: ACT is deleting groups of contacts, seems to be ones that are duplicate records

There may be some best practices that are being missed in your current deployment.


Let me speak to management further on this and see if they have any options for the problem.  Thanks for responding so very quickly with screenshots and information.  If there's something we can do we'll find it.



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Re: ACT is deleting groups of contacts, seems to be ones that are duplicate records

First, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time you're taking in trying to help me solve this.  It's been super stressful losing info and having to try to piece the basics back together with no end in sight.


"I've been specific to say Login here, because I don't want you to think I'm telling you the person deleted the items, as you've stated that person wasn't in the office.  If a person doesn't do it physically, then often there's another program integrated with Act! that is de-duping, or modifying contacts.  Those programs are authenticated using a users Login and password, and all actions performed by another program will be tagged with that login."  THANK YOU for this clarification, this was actually really helpful.  The people I've dealt with in the past never made that distinction, they've always suggested things like "another employee was on their system" or "that person must be logging in from outside the office" or "someone deleted it by accident" - things of that nature.  You're the first one to acknowledge that it's not necessarily something any one of us is physically doing.


"He's the record manager of the history showing there was a deletion, not the contact that was deleted."  Thank you for this distinction as well - from anything I tried to research, it sounded like the record manager always meant whoever created the contact, so this element was very confusing as I knew he hadn't created any of them!  Another thing I'd mentioned to others before and never gotten clarification on, so thank you.


"What is Nick's security role in Act!?"  Nick and Mandy are both Managers, because we all need to be able to create and edit tasks and histories for each other.


"I'd usually look for an integrated program (you've already sent screenshots for Outlook & gmail integration) that could be causing this."  We don't integrate Google, only Outlook.  We constantly (on all our systems) have messages saying the ACT address book isn't configured, the ACT configurations that were saved somehow go back to another setting, and in Outlook the plug-in for ACT will often disappear.  It sounds like maybe there's some instability between ACT and Outlook, so maybe Outlook is the culprit in the deletions as well?


"This can include products like Zapier of IFTTT that have been authenticated to make changes on accounts."  Not sure what these are, but I wonder if there are any other things we have besides Outlook that could be affecting things?  For example, Quickbooks (although Nick doesn't have this on his) or Nitro PDF Reader, things of that nature?  Also, our Microsoft Office is an Outlook 365 account we all share, belongs to the owner who is never here and god only knows what all devices he uses it on - is that maybe the issue and why Outlook and ACT keep rejecting each other's saved synch settings?


"Thanks, this shows these computers aren't using plugins specific to those installations.  We've ruled out installed plugins.  Hopefully that means we're a step closer."  If ACT plugins are fine, could Outlook plugins perhaps cause the issue?  Should I screenshot those?


"The only thing I can offer you is that I'll be happy to look at your database to diagnose if there are any problems."  That would be fantastic if you're up for it!!  If it helps, after this last discovery of deletions I made some test contacts, duplicated some of them, and kept a log of when and what I did.  Last time I created a test and duplicated it, it ended up in one of the deletions, so maybe if it happens again my notes can help trace it?