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ACT > Outlook Calender Problem

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ACT > Outlook Calender Problem



Fairly new to ACT and we have just purchased the Premium software.

We are trying to sync our calendars with Outlook but are finding that when meetings come across they don't show any of the detail in Outlook that is on the ACT calendar eg contact, company etc.  You have to double click on the entry on the Outlook diary to see who the meeting is scheduled with.  


Is there way of getting Outlook to display this information?  Is it an issue with the way the data is pulled across from ACT?


KInd Regards



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Re: ACT > Outlook Calender Problem

I'm not sure if the built-in Outlook sync with ACT! will do that.  You may want to confirm that with someone from Sage.


CompanionLink is third-party software that will do what you're looking for.  It will sync ACT! calendar activities with Outlook and include the linked contact name, company name, and phone numbers in the Outlook event note.

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Re: ACT > Outlook Calender Problem

ACT!'s calendar copy will only put the regarding in the subject line.