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ACT for web 2013 poor performance :-(

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ACT for web 2013 poor performance :-(

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I have performance problem with ACT for web 2013 15.0.311.0.


Login process is very slow. It takes about 1,5 - 3 minutes.


Database has 

- 60000 contacts

- 50000 opportunities

- 13000 attachments


We have about 50 users but only 15 work in same time. They use only web interface. They dont use synchro etc.


We have ACT for web 2013 15.0.311.0 in Multiple-Server mode. 

Two servers:

1 SQL 2008 R2 on Win 2003 SP2 with 4GB RAM and Intel Xeon 2 core 2.8GHZ

2 IIS7 on Win 2008 Sp2 with 4GB RAM and Intel Xeon 2 core 2.7GHZ


When they logging in working time

1 server consumes 2,2 GB RAM and about 5-10% CPU

2 server consumes 1,3 GB RAM and about 50-60% CPU


Where is the problem? Why does application need such many time to login. ? Todays web's applications need 1-3 seconds.


I found PsiService on 2-server which has 1,2 GB I/O Read Bytes and 281 MB I/O Written Bytes. Maybe it is problem?

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Re: ACT for web 2013 poor performance :-(

Welcome to the forums JSZ,


In a properly functioning environment, Act for web should load up within a few seconds. So I'm sure there is a way to remedy this. I can't provide a direct solution, but I can ask a few questions that might help us get pointed in the right direction:


  • Does the speed differ from user to user?
  • What startup view are you using? (found in tools, preferences)
  • What's the login time like if you're at the server? how about on a workstation that's on the same network as the server?
  • Those servers seem terribly low on RAM for a server. Since they're utilizing 50% of the available RAM, they're probably being slowed down by this.


Marshall Hayes
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Re: ACT for web 2013 poor performance :-(



as you are talking about act for web, there are a few things that should also be considerd,


the load time is this from outside, or from the inside?

if the inside access is much faster, how fast is your upload link?

do you use a firewall or a proxy?              how big is the load on this device?

are you using a SQL Standard or express?


You can also contact me on our support number and i will be happy to have a short look at your environment

+49 89 454617-0

+1 203 541 0040

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Re: ACT for web 2013 poor performance :-(


I have good news. My IT dept gave more processors to second server (IIS server). Now there are 4x2,7 GHz. After this operation I login in 25-30 seconds Smiley Happy ...but I dream about "few seconds"


Below, I try to anwser for your questions.
- Difference in speed is minimum between user with 2800 opportunities and user with 50000 opportunities. ( I mean login process)
- We use "welcome" page at start.
- It does not matter I'm logged or not on web server.
- You suggested I have low Ram on 2 servers. Unfortunatelly I have 32-bit operating system on servers. Changing to 64bit is possible but not now. Which server (SQL or WEB)should I expand first?


- I did my test inside network. I assume that outside will be even slower. I will try outside.
- We have 10MB upload link for ACT! application.
- We have "standard" firewall/proxy infrastructure for such company.
- I'm using SQL Standard


Best wishes


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Re: ACT for web 2013 poor performance :-(

Hi Jakub,


first i would consider a change for both servers for 64 Bit, it makes the process faster.

on a 64bit envoirment we recomend 10 GB Ram for the SQL-Server and 6 GB Ram for the Web-Server


we can see in our envoirment a load time, from the login to the functional working envoirment of 6 - 8 Seconds, that would probably be what you can expect. from the information provided you are runing this in a Virtual envoirment, we also recomend to have on both VM´s 4 core, and 1 Processor, (on the SQL (depending on the licence adding a second processor can also speed up the load time)

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