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ACT for Web

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ACT for Web



Does anyone have an opinion on the robustness of the ACT for web product. I find it very sloow to login and often the login just locks up with 'preparing your database, pleas wait'


Does anyone else have similar issues

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Re: ACT for Web

I suggest the use of remote databases (Windows Computer or M.S Surface PRO) that synchronize by Internet, this way you work with the local performance of your computer, integration with Microsoft Office (2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 32Bit)  is better, and this allows you to work offline







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Re: ACT for Web

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Hi peml,

What version of Act Premium for Web are you running?

Are subsequent log ins to the database any faster than the initial log in? I.e. Log in > Wait until finished loading > Log out > Log back in

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Re: ACT for Web

Can you make sure this marked as a trusted site and running in compatibility mode.

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Re: ACT for Web



I am new to ACT for Web and our organization has used ACT v11 for a long time. 


We are having some issues with ACT for web (mostly related to our data) but overall its decent. I find that the features in the web are limited compared to the desktop app that syncs but is ideal for a mobile workforce that is not updating a large number of records at one time. I have had performance issues when my users are working with lists of contacts and opportunities. 


Here is what I am using the web for:

1. Mainly for the sales team that needs up to date data and has small updates to make at different intervals of time. They primarily working off of their task list and dont run reports from the web.

2. My customer support team that handles the phones and usually needs to make small updates to contact records.


Here is what I am using the desktop app for:


1. My operations, marketing and shipping teams that usually work with larger list of contacts and opportunities and dont necessarily need the most current information all the time. These apps are set to sync every hour.

2. The managers and sales team to run reports on opportunities and other activity.

3. Uploading contact records through CSV after a convention etc. ( I get time out errors on the web)

4. Mail merge, Email integration, Smart Tasks.  ( You can get mail merge and email integration to work in I.E but the experience is SUCKS)


Hope this helps. 


For speed issues, speak to your provider and see if they can beef up the RAM on the web server. My users do see the preparing database and logging in delays sometimes but things will get better as you use the system.  I cannot explain why.... just saw this become faster after first 2-3 days