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ACT! for Web v16 & Auto Email Attach with Outlook 2010

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ACT! for Web v16 & Auto Email Attach with Outlook 2010

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We are using ACT web v16, windows 7, Outlook 2010 on 3 computers.  We want to use Auto-attach for the incoming emails, but it is not clear if this function is available or not.  Has anyone been successful in using this feature, or am I wasting time trying to get something to work that really doesnt'?

1) Outlook Rules are set to attach incoming emails to ACT. However auto attach for incoming emails doesn't function

2) Microsoft Outlook stops working when the rule is run or when we click "change" the custom action within the rule.  Outlook shuts down or restarts Outlook.

In our original contact to ACT support over a month ago, we were told by 2 different support team members that they weren't aware of the issue until we contacted them. and they'd get back to us!  Now the support tickets' conclusion/response states:


"This ability to create a rule to automatically add an incoming message into your Act! database is a feature within Outlook. In fact this feature was removed after Office 2010. If it's not working, there really isn't anything we can troubleshoot. Your best bet is contacting Microsoft as it in a function built into their software. The only thing I can think of trying is using the Office repair tool to see if this helps. You can get to this by going to the Control Panel, Programs and Features, selected office and choose change, then choose repair. Otherwise if you continue to have issues, I would call Microsoft and just note, when you upgrade office, this feature goes anyway."


So.. I've  done the repair steps above, and contacted ACT! support again and they reiterated the same.  I would have thought that ACT's outlook integration for the web be the issue because Outlook 2010/offline client works and functions without issues.


Has anyone success with the web v16 and Outlook 20110 auto attach function? We've had nothing but headaches using the web version to this point. I just don't know how to move forward.


Thanks for any input.

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Re: ACT! for Web v16 & Auto Email Attach with Outlook 2010

You might like to trial Smart Inbox that will work with Act! Premium for Web. It is a paid for add-on that gives you independence of device and email client for attaching email to Act!, refer: Smart Inbox

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