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ACT file sharing with Salesforce

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ACT file sharing with Salesforce

My company uses ACT and we are working with a company who uses Salesforce. They'd like to know if we'll be able to share files between the two? Is this possible?

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Re: ACT file sharing with Salesforce

Hi Rachel,

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I can't speak for the capabilities of Salesforce, but the Act application itself doesn't have any support/integration for use with Salesforce. Though obviously both programs can import/export spreadsheets etc.

However - you can connect Act! to Zapier through Act! Connect. I know Salesforce is also able to connect with Zapier - so there is a path that data could be shared between the two. It would depend on the requirements of the integration as to how well this would work.

Could you go into a little more detail about what would need to be shared?