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ACT emails do not sort (Lotus 8.5 with ACT 2010 Prem) properly

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ACT emails do not sort (Lotus 8.5 with ACT 2010 Prem) properly

Hi all,


My boss has been having this issue going on 2 years, and I have never seen anything like it (not that I am an authority on the subject) in the two years I have been installing, uninstalling, and configuring ACT for our company.


Basically, ever since ACT 2008 and lotus 7.0 or earlier, ACT will sort emails randomly when you click on one of the columns to sort (From, Subject, or Recieved). There is no recognizeable order to the emails and no matter how many times you click, the sorting does not improve.


There is only one workaround that we have discovered to date: move all the emails to an "offline" folder within lotus then open said folder in ACT Email, and it WILL sort. This obviously is not a permanent solution and, as he recieves over 20 emails per day, it gets difficult to keep creating offline folders for hundreds of emails.


The current version of ACT we have is 2010, Hotfix 1, and Lotus is release 8.5.1, but like I said, this problem has persisted through many versions of ACT and lotus alike.


Interesting things to note:

Fresh databases using his ID file do still have problems sorting, however any other ID file will work fine. We have recreated his Lotus database and ID but this did not help. Within Lotus (as well as web mail), there have never been sorting issues, just using the ACT email client. Also, the problem persists on other computers with fresh installs of ACT 2010 Prem. 


Any ideas guys? Has anyone alse even heard of this issue?

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Re: ACT emails do not sort (Lotus 8.5 with ACT 2010 Prem) properly

I have just installed the latest SP1 and hot fix: Sage ACT! Premium 2011 Version, Hotfix 1   English (Australia)


This email sorting problem still exists. Support for Lotus in the latest versions of ACT is terrible. We can now no longer attach files!!!!!


Where is the support???

Adam Wilson
TCA High Power Testing Lab