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ACT data missing after synchronizing remote database

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ACT data missing after synchronizing remote database

After remote users sync they later find that data they had entered earlier is lost (often discovered when they arrive in the morning).  This is a random occurrence and I've had no luck in figuring out what is causing the problem.




Our config: ACT 2014 Premium, Windows 7 (on server/publisher and on all 9 remote database copies).  The server/publisher database is using Network sync service to enable the syncing functions.  All of our remote databases are in remote locations and sync using a dynamic DNS hostname to contact the server.


Here's what I've tried:

- Reproduce the scenario in various ways:

    - made bogus change to a field
        - made this change on remote 1, synced my copy (remote 2), then synced remote 1 - remote 1's change showed up after I ran another sync on remote 2 (my computer)
        - made the change on remote 1, synced that copy, then made another change on remote 2
            - before I synced remote 2, remote 1 synced and the change didn't show up (expected)
            - after I synced, the change appeared (expected)


- I ran ACTDIAG and did 'check', 'repair', and 'reindex' in all remote copies and no errors were found, except for 1 remote client, 1 remote copy had errors that could not repaired, so I generated another remote copy and distributed it back that remote client.  Even after that, the random disappearing data continued.


- I checked the sync log on the server and it should some random occurrences of "[ Error | 2/25/2014 9:53:23 AM ]Message: Synchronization completion failed. Synchronization cannot be performed at this time due to a resource conflict. Please try again later".  I tried searching for info on what this error means and couldn't find anything in KB or on this forum.


- I found one forum posting: that was for ACT 2013 and involved syncing the Google calendar, but we're not doing that here.


Any ideas?

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Re: ACT data missing after synchronizing remote database

Is contact sychronisation (two-way, one way to Outlook OR Google does not affect this) to Outlook and/or Google active? Sometimes Outlook also is connected to mobile devices, and those actions are stored in a table, that is not accessible by Act!, what can cause distortion of synchronisation.

Hein Campmans
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Re: ACT data missing after synchronizing remote database

Outlook and Google integration are NOT enabled. 


I finally found the solution.  I had originally set the 9 remotes to auto-sync at different times (20-30 min apart) to avoid multiple syncs occurring simultaneously.  What later happened was that users were starting to constantly do a 'sync now' expecting that others would automatically see their changes (that would only happen when all others would sync as well).  This started causing the latest entry to get dropped, especially when multiple users were syncing simultaneously and had pending updates to the same contact record.


Additionally, an known ACT bug may also contributed to this.  There is a KB article 36705 at that mentions a circumstance that may cause sync failures.  To be safe, I ran the fix on all the databases, performed a 'fake' update (placing a bogus value in a single unused field) in all contact records, then ran a sync (to force the server to receive updates on all fields, including changes that may have been 'trapped' by the bug).  I repeated this process with all 9 remotes then ran another set of syncs on all 9 remotes.


Now, I've instructed all users NOT to use 'sync now' unless instructed to by me (or the boss) and I'm using the ACT Scheduler to schedule staggered syncs after-hours and another one just before morning arrival.