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ACT! compatibility issues

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ACT! compatibility issues

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Hi for all ACT! users!


I bought six licences for us and I have serious problems with it. Version that I've bought is 2008 (10.0). 

Architecture in this company is:

-server operated by Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 - as main computer

-several clients based on Microsoft Windows XP SP2/3.


Now - the main problem is. We were misguided by one of Sage workers that ACT! 2008 (exactly what we've bought) will work on Server 2008 x86-64.

It isn't. So, I tried to take some helping hand from our Polish hotline, but man on the other side told me that it won't work. OK. 


Next step of mine was to look that upgrade (i mean ACT! 2009 - 11) will work with Server x86-64? On the web site ( there is information that it will work on this OS. Helpdesk says that is not possible. OK - so my question IS: WILL ACT! 2009 installed on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x86-64 SP1 COOPERATE (or WORK) with clients (ACT! 2008) installed on several laptops operated by Microsoft Windows XP SP2/3? 

Or we just have to buy (or build) some old system based on 32bit cpu, install on this PC 32 bit OS and there install ACT! 2008?


Please - help me with that issue, cause Polish helpdesk can't help us...

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Re: ACT! compatibility issues

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Re: ACT! compatibility issues

ACT! 2009 and 2010 are compatible with Windows Server 2008 32-bit and 64-bit.