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ACT V18 Issues

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ACT V18 Issues

ACT V18 Format Issue


We just upgraded to ACT V18 and have New Windows 10 Laptops and the formats are all messed up with the layouts, where you can not read the headings, etc...


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Re: ACT V18 Issues


Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: ACT V18 Issues

ACT! is programmatically designed to display and scale based on 96 DPI (dots per inch) display settings. If DPI settings are set to Large size (120 DPI) or a custom DPI settings above 96 DPI, ACT! has been reported to have issues rendering certain areas of the application properly. General issues that can occur when DPI settings are larger than a application was designed and based for are:

  • Clipped UI elements or text.
  • Incorrect font size.
  • Pixilated text.
  • Misalignment of application space or rendering affecting layout.

To fix this problem you can try the following...


  1. Right-click an empty area on your desktop and choose Display Settings
  2. Move the slider to 100%, then click Apply
  3. Restart the computer or  Click Sign out now to sign out, then sign back in

another thing you can check is that the tablet mode is deactivated.


Do not forget to periodically back up the Database - and drop copy of this ZIP file to a USB memory or external disk



Juan Carlos Otero Garcia
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Re: ACT V18 Issues

Hi Jetski,


There is a workaround for machines with high DPI displays in this thread.

We will be including this fix in the upcoming Act v18.1 update.