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ACT! V17 or wait for V18

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ACT! V17 or wait for V18

I have been an ACT user for a while but business circumstances have changed and we need a web based version.

Have been using V16 and hosting the database in one location and having people in other locations snyc to it.

Became annoying as often the location hosting the database would have an IP change and that would stuff up the snyc.  And people at the sync ended didnt know how to correct the problem and just stopped updating the DB.


I read that V17 has a web version but V18 has an improved web access.


Also how does the web version work. Can I host it on a web server I control or does I need a special ACT approved hosting account or something like that?


Small business with not many users.


Any advice appreciated.  

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Re: ACT! V17 or wait for V18

Act! v16 includes a web version also.  I would try that one out first.  Basically you will need to install the web version of Act! v16 on whatever web server you'd like to use.  If you have been synching with a host already you could uninstall the non-web version and install the web version and use that machine provided that you can set up IIS with a 32-bit app on it.  I would recommend working with an Act! Certified Consultant.  They can make the transition go a lot more smoothly.


If you would like to get more out of ACT! you can find an ACT! Certified Consultant near you by going
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Re: ACT! V17 or wait for V18

In addition to Stan's post, this web feature is known as Act! Premium for Web and is only available as part of Act! Premium. If you are using Act! v16 Pro, upgrading to v16 Premium would likely be of similar cost to upgrading to v18 Premium.