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ACT V16 Premium Create History in Opportunity problem.

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ACT V16 Premium Create History in Opportunity problem.

I have a client who wants to create a history of a conversation against the opportunity. Although it records it correctly it does not add the history to the linked contact. If you create an activity and then close it down it does correctly create the history against the linked contact. I did not see this as a fix in SP1 and wonder if others have experienced the same problem?



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Re: ACT V16 Premium Create History in Opportunity problem.

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The problem here is that you need to enter the contact in the Contact field of the New History window. One could think that Act! could populate it automatically with the contacts associated with the opp when you're doing it from the opp screen, but it does not.

Since it does not, if you don't enter any contact, the history record is only associated with the opp which is why you don't see anything in the contact history.

I have an add-on that can take care of this. If that's of any interest, contact me through my suggestion form and I'll give you more details.

Gilles Cavin
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