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ACT Templete for letter

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ACT Templete for letter



My name is Glen Ueberschlag and I am using ACT 2013 Premium and I want to create an ACT Template that has a different twist to it.


My new division has a letterhead placement that is inserted on the Right Side upper corner. Everyone I have done in the past has been either Top Left corner or in the Middle.


If I use this new letterhead idea which my company now has their letterhead and address details on top right side it leaves a lot of blank space on top left side which is where I would like to enter my Date:, and then customer name, address details.


Is there any way I can enter a pic and then address details on the right side and still make it possible in some of the same area on the left side so I don't lose so much of the page because of this letterhead issue.


Please let me know if possible and if so an article if there is one on how to do and what to look for to create this template.




Glen Ueberschlag and ACT user since ACT3.0

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Re: ACT Templete for letter

This is actually a Word formatting issue. If you place the logo in the header you won't be able to have any merge text on the left side because you can't merge into the template header. However I believe that if you set up the logo and address text as a graphic in the body of the template you should be able to manipulate margins, etc., and have merge text on the left side next to the logo.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: ACT Templete for letter - Resolved Tahnks

Hi Roy,


Thanks for the reply and it gave me some other ideas like create the infor in a table with 2 columns one for the Contact Data on the left side and Logo etc. on the right side and it works great.


Thanks for the help.