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ACT Scheduler

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ACT Scheduler



  • ACT! Premium Version
  • Windows 10, fully up-to-date




ACT Scheduler was designed and has been released to paying customers such that the Set a Schedule has Occurs with an Hourly option, with a Starting at & Ending option and an Every option in hours.





Can each of the three allowable Tasks under ACT Scheduler, Maintenance, Backup and Database Sync, be run on an hourly basis, with the understanding that only one Task is to be run at a time?




ACT Integration was designed and released to paying customers such that ACT and Outlook with Schedule Outlook Synchronization have functionality to sync every 1 minutes; however, Swiftpage Technical Support, above Level 2, confirms that this functionality does not work, with some excuse that something is not being released or some such reason of why its OK that ACT software does not work.


Therefore, I want to know if the ACT Scheduler has the same problem, with Swiftpage deciding neither to fix the problem nor overtly inform its paying customers of a known issue, like has been done with ACT Integration.




Not to waste my time attempting to use software that is represented to have certain functionality but in actuality does not; rather, I want to use software to make money.

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Re: ACT Scheduler

Simply -


If you schedule a task in ACT Scheduler you should bear in mind how long that task will take to complete before scheduling the task again. This will vary depending the size of the database, speed of the equipment and environment. If you seclude the task again before the previous one has completed it will not work.


The same with ACT - Outlook sync, give it time to complete including any re-indexing.


It is also best practice not to schedule different tasks to run at the same time.


This methodology is not specific to ACT but more good IT practice.