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ACT Sales Manager Starter Guide

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ACT Sales Manager Starter Guide

Most of the posts on this board seem to be technical in nature, so I hope this is the right place for this.  I'm managing a group of about 10 salespeople and am new to ACT Premium.  I have previously used Saleforce, but will be utilizing act in my new role. 


My question for the forum. 


Are there any guides out there that show the best common practices for sales managers to get the best use out of ACT.  When I worked in salesforce, I was on the selling end.  I'd like to make sure I'm utilizing it to its fullest extent and have the chance to create some processes to intill into our sales team and I think ACT will be a great part of that.


Any direction you can point me to some startup guides or resources for using ACT would be very helpful.  I saw the 5-hour ACT online course and that may be my best option, but figured there was some sort of user guide out there.

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Re: ACT Sales Manager Starter Guide

From your profile, it looks like we're in the same city. I'll send you a direct message.

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