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ACT! Reports to generate paperwork/forms

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ACT! Reports to generate paperwork/forms

I have used ACT! to build dozens of 'forms' for our business.  We own a Tutoring Business, so we keep the Students and Tutors in our database.  We can print contracts, agreements, letters, you name it--directly from within ACT.  Compared to the 'old way' where we had to type all of the info into the MS Word/Excel forms, this saves a TON of time.


However, one of the other things that we do is send out forms that need to be filled out by somebody, and sent back to us.  I've been using .PDF forms for this--which seems to work out great, but we're back to the old method of having to type the basic information (Student's name, address, contact info, etc), in before we send the forms out.


Are there alternatives to MS Word for creating these 'forms' (or Templates)?  Is there any type of plug-in that would allow me to populate fields in a .PDF form?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: ACT! Reports to generate paperwork/forms

I am not aware of any other way to do this but maybe could you not use the merge to MS word and then create your PDF form from there as it will then have the details in the form

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Re: ACT! Reports to generate paperwork/forms

Well, I can create the .PDF files from the mail merge/word files, but those .PDF files will lack the FORM capability that I've built in the .PDFs.


I guess what I'm looking for is an ACT! plug-in that would allow data from ACT to populate .PDF form fields.  Then, I could use my existing .PDF FORM templates, merge the ACT data into (some of) the fields; then anybody with acrobat can complete the forms, save them and print/email them.


If anybody has heard of such a plug-in, please let me know!

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Re: ACT! Reports to generate paperwork/forms

I don't know of any such addon that would do what you want. What I do have is a different suggestion. I assume that you have a web site so that you could have the form(s) as a page(s) on your web site. If you wanted to restrict access to the forms you could have a password to gain access to the form. The entries in the web form can be packaged into an email and sent to a specific address. There are addons that will accept the email package and create a contact record in the ACT! database. One of the addons is called WEB Prospect and can be found at Another is call EGrabber but I don't have their URL off hand.
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Re: ACT! Reports to generate paperwork/forms

This is exactly what I'm looking for!  I use ACT for Financial Professionals and must deal with a number of forms to complete transactions with clients. It would be so nice to use the database information to populate already existing PDF forms..

Application forms are provided by my investment vendors in PDF format. Just need to merge the data onto the form. This is not possible?