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ACT Premium for Web 2009 - Web Access

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ACT Premium for Web 2009 - Web Access

Many apologies if this has been asked many times before.


We have a server sat on our internal network which is running ACT Premium for Web.  If I want to give users access via the web do I just need to do a bit of NAT'ing on the firewall, then open port 80 on the firewall to that server and then just give them the correct url?  Are there not security concerns with having port 80 open to a machine sat on the internal network or is it really just as simple as this?





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Re: ACT Premium for Web 2009 - Web Access

Correct, nothing special in configuring the firewall/router.  Its just like setting up a standard web server.  There are no known security issues using ACT! for Web.  If you're concerned, you can set it up to use SSL.