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ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ver.

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ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ver.

I was recently entrusted with managing the ACT database for my rather small firm.  We are running ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ver. Here is my dilemma: Our tech guy had our ACT on his server and also the licenses in his name, now that he is no longer working for us he has provided me with an installation cd and also a backup file of our ACT data (he has also asked Sage to shift ownership and the licenses back to my firm).


I would need to load ACT on the firm's in house 'server' (not really a server running server software but a stand alone desktop where we all network to - dont laugh) and also allow for at least three (3) pc to be able to access ACT off this 'server'.


My question is this, can I just install ACT on the 'server' and then how would I map the other pcs to be able to access it?  I know this question is rudimentary at best, and I should call in an expert, but the firm lack the budget. I would appreciate any assistance from anyone.


Thank you

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Re: ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ver.

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Being that you only have three users, using a desktop as a 'server' will <theoretically> work - performance may be poor etc.  Make sure that you have a compatible OS on this desktop.  Hopefully no one actually uses this machine as their primary system.


There's a lot of potential pitfalls and steps to take, more than can realistically be posted in a forum response. 


My first suggestion would be to rethink the cost/benefit/risk measurement that is being applied to come up with the idea that hiring a professional is not worthwhile.  (Think lost opportunity costs for now having the system online in a short period of time, lost opportunity costs or similar for you not focusing on your job and working on this instead, the risk to the data for failure to execute, etc.)


An Act! Certified Consultant, barring pre-existing issues with the 'server' and/or client PCs, could likely have your system up and running in a handful of hours.


That said, dig into the documentation provided with the software, and start digging thought the Act! Knowledge base:

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