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ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ( Outlook integration Problems.

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ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ( Outlook integration Problems.

After a few hiccups with licensing and installation, I've managed to get ACT! installed on our server, and even have the web interface configured.  But now my users are asking for Outlook integration, and I'm running into a few snags. 


Here are some snapshots of the errors I'm getting when I try to enable Outlook integration on my PC, which is NOT the server.


It makes sense to me that the service can't be accessed.  I've not yet configured it.  I did however make sure that the service itself is running.


Obviously ACT9Demo.pad is not the right database.  I clicked "Add" which gets me to...


The "Web Service Address" is pasted right out of the corresponding field from the "Email Properties" window in the ACT Web interface.  However, when I go to select the database, I get...


This is where I'm confused.  The version of the Outlook Integration app that I installed is the one I downloaded from the server!  I've tried following their directions, by performing the following steps:


1)  I closed outlook.

2)  Checked to make sure that all instances of outlook.exe were killed in the task manager.

3)  Re-downloaded the integration app using the button in the "Email Properties" window.

4)  Closed internet explorer.

5)  Reinstalled the downloaded integration app.

6)  Restarted Outlook.


But when I went into Outlook, I got the same series of error messages!  


Some other information that may or may not be relevant:

I'm using Outlook 2003.

ACT! Premium 2008 (EX) was previously installed on my Desktop.  I've since uninstalled it.

ACT! Premium for Web 2008 is NOT installed on my Desktop.

Outlook is NOT installed on the server that is hosting ACT! Premium 2008 for Web.

I've updated the ACT! Premium 2008 for Web instance with the update.



Does anybody out there know why the ACT! Add-in would be asking for an update?  Is a newer version of this add-in available?


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Re: ACT! Premium for Web 2008 ( Outlook integration Problems.

It sounds as though some files did not get updated properly when you applied the 10.0.3 update.  The best thing to do at this point is to uninstall ACT for Web from the server and reinstall it.


Use the ACT! Unistaller in Knowledgebase article 19338 to remove the program, then reboot the server.


Please check your Private Messages on this board (yellow envelope in upper right) for the links to download the full version of ACT for Web 10.0.3.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.