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ACT! Premium for Web 2007 - Perfomance issue.

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ACT! Premium for Web 2007 - Perfomance issue.

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Sys Info:


CPU: Intel(R) D CPU 3.60GHz

RAM: 3.49 GB

OS: Windows 2003 Server Standard Edition, SP2.

SQL Ver: MS SQL 2005 Server Express Edition




I am using ACT! Premium for Web 2007 on above mentioned configurated system. This Server is an ACT server for my organisation and the web interface can be browser externally through an HTTP port 80.




Since ACT! is installed and got imported the old database with more than 50000 Contacts, The perfomance gone completely low and touching to the bottom of the memory. The Web interface end users are crying to boost the perfomance as it is eating much time to open any query. Mostly the perfomance is going low while retriewing the reports, I mean to say that.. any job which is related to MS SQL is taking lot of time to open at web interface side.


Even same with application side also, but for its important to boost the perfomance on Web interface side.


Below is the screenshot of Processes running on the Server. It will help to find out where and why the memory is eating.


 I did lot of research on ACT! articles but.. i am helpless. So, please let me know whats going wrong on my server, and how i can boost the perfomance of my web interface.


Thanks in Advance.



Screenshot (click to enlarge):

<Changed image size>
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Re: ACT! Premium for Web 2007 - Perfomance issue.

If youre running SQL Express, it has some limitations.  Mainly, the database size is limited to 4 GB.  How many users do you have hitting the database at the same time?  Maybe you need to upgrade the database to a full version...