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ACT Premium & Swiftpage

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ACT Premium & Swiftpage

All,   I've been an ACT! user since 2005 .  I've resisted changing to another CRM all these years I do have ACT! humming along pretty well, I'm pretty familiar with it I can do most anything I want to do.


Adding fields

Grouping lists

Eblasts with Swiftpage emarketing

Lots of Letter mail merging


What I do like about ACT! Is that it seamlessly integrates with Swiftpage.     I've got all my templates set up in Swiftpage.   Again I've got it humming pretty well and now I just found out on Friday they're discontinuing Swiftpage.     I could tell that the Swiftpage is old tech and I knew that it would be retired at some point.   Why wouldn't the Swiftgage personnel give us a seamless transition to another option, instead it seems that the Execs are just throwing all of us Swiftpage emarketing users under the bus and leaving us for dead.   


What is really a pretty big deal for me is that I have about 70,000 contacts in ACT! and Swiftpage as far as I know is the only package that doesn't care how many contacts you have (to use in their emarketing system).  I do email blasts several times a week-- I go in and select my Group and select the Swiftpage template and boom I send it out the door, I think it really works pretty sweet.     With all other packages IContact, Constant Contact, MailChimp and many others they limit the number of contacts you can have in your database and using thru their service.   If you get over 10K contacts it gets very expensive.   This (ACT-Swiftpage combo) is a pretty big deal for me and now that Swiftpage is going to be retired I'm not sure I want to go to ACT! e-marketing (I think they limit the Contacts), not sure?   Maybe it's time for me to find another CRM altogether.  Is there someone that can give me any guidance or first hand knowledge as to what to do, right now I am puzzled?   Jim

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Re: ACT Premium & Swiftpage

Swiftpage who owns Act now, bought out another company and hired the founder of a total marketing automation product and it is now a built in feature of Act Premium. It is significantly better than the very old Swiftpage e-marketing and the more recent Act E-marketing. Call up one of us ACCs for more information.

Bob Kennedy
Kenbar Solutions CT,CA & FL