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ACT Premium (Web) & how to use .adt templates...

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ACT Premium (Web) & how to use .adt templates...

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I am using a hosted ACT! Premium for Web service (Sage ACT! Premium (Web) 2011 Version:

I am trying very hard to find a straightforward way to use Microsoft Word 2007 as my word processor as I would like to create better templates for mail merge than what the ACT! Word processor allows.

Here's the current situation (and apologies, this is convoluted, but this is my point -- it shouldn't be so hard!):

  • I have selected Microsoft Word as my word processor in Tools->Preferences and installed the ACT!MailMergeInstaller successfully.
  • When I click Write-> New Letter/Email template, Microsoft Word opens a new document called 'Document.adt'. 
  • I can insert mail merge fields into this document fine
  • When I am done, I have to use "save as" and then put "document.ADT" (including the quotation marks) in the 'file name' box because there is no .adt option given in the 'save as type' dropdown box
  • I cannot save into the 'ACT! Templates' folder on the host server as I have no way to navigate there from Word
  • I therefore save the .adt template somewhere on my own computer
  • I can navigate to this file on my computer from the ACT! 'Write -> Other document from template' menu option and the mail merge works as it should
  • However, I cannot go back later and edit the template using the 'Write->Edit template' menu option because I cannot navigate to the file on my computer. Although there is an icon for 'My Computer', nothing happens when I click it.
  • If I try to edit the document locally (using Word), I cannot see the 'add-ins' tab and therefore cannot bring up the ACT! 'Add Mail Merge fields' window
  • The only workaround I have found is to upload the .adt file as an attachment to my own contact page within ACT! Premium for Web. This allows me to use the 'Edit template' menu option and navigate to the 'Attachments' folder, where my template is located. From here I can properly edit the .adt template.
  • Once I have finished editing, of course, I have to again save locally and then upload to my contact page every time I need to make a change.

Question is...does it have to be this hard? A solution to any of the coloured points above would improve my situation greatly. Can anybody help?


Many thanks in advance,




ps. ACT! is added as a trusted site, pop-up blocker has the site added as an exception, I'm using IE 8.0, WinXP, and all other functions of ACT for Web seem to be working.

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Re: ACT Premium (Web) & how to use .adt templates...

I tested this on our production hosting server.  First Create or edit a template from the ACT write menu.

make changes to the template.  Go to file, Save as in Word.


I get a pop up at that point asking me if I want to save locally or to the ACT database.


Why you're not getting this is what stumps me now.  If you want, I can send you a loging to try ACT on our Server.  Let me know.

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Re: ACT Premium (Web) & how to use .adt templates...



Thank you  very much for your response. This gives me some hope. It seems something is stopping the pop-up you mentioned and that is the cause of all my problems. Are there any security settings within Word that could be stopping it? I have looked but not found anything. The software that is required for this pop-up is included in the ACT!MailMergeInstaller file, right?


FWIW, I experience the same problem on 2 different computers. One has Vista, the other XP. They both have the same version of Word 2007.


I appreciate your offer and would like to try logging onto your server to see if anything works differently. Please do send me the login.


Thank you again,



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Re: ACT Premium (Web) & how to use .adt templates...

When clicking Save As on Office 2007 you will be prompted with 4 or 5 options to select from on the right hand side - Ignore these and double click on the word Save As - this should now give you the option to save as ADT

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Re: ACT Premium (Web) & how to use .adt templates...

Thanks Chris for your suggestion but I have already been clicking on 'Save As'. I tried double-clicking but saw no difference. Still didn't get the pop-up needed to save to server.


I've now found a workaround by uninstalling Office 2007 and going back to Office 2003. Took a litle mucking around to ensure that 2007 was properly uninstalled but I have now solved the main problem: I finally get the pop-up allowing me to save .adt templates on the server. Phew!


Only two minor issues remain. I wonder whether these are solvable?


1) I can't see any way to delete unwanted templates from the ACT! Templates folder on the server. Would be nice to have this ability to avoid the folder getting cluttered up and to keep things simple for co-workers.


2) I still can't "Edit template" for a template based on my local computer. The "My Computer" button still does nothing on this particular screen. Is this the same for other hosted ACT!2011 users?


Thanks to both Jon and Chris for assuring me that my mission was achievable.


All the best,