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[ACT Premium V16!] Problem attaching outlook e-mails with ESET.

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[ACT Premium V16!] Problem attaching outlook e-mails with ESET.

We recently switched from Kaspersky Endpoint Protection 8 to ESET Endpoint Antivirus.

During our tests we noticed nothing wrong, but we overlooked something.


When we send an e-mail to a contact not in our database (or a secondary contact) which does not (and can not) be attached automatically. We can no longer use the Act "Attach To Act! Contacts Progress" (Act.Outlook.Service.exe) tool to attach the e-mails manually.


When we try to manually attach the e-mail we get the following notice: "The Act! database cannot be accessed. Close and reopen Act!, then log on to the database again. If you receive an error or the database does not open, contact your administrator for assistance."


If i disable ESET Endpoint Antivirus the mail attaches without problems. Right after a reboot I can also attach e-mails for some reason.


I've tried adding the following folders and files to the exclusion list for eset:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows\*.*"




I've also tried disabling HIPS which didn't give any improvement. Can anyone help us out with this, this is kind of a major problem to us.