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ACT Premium Corporate and ACT Premium Web

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ACT Premium Corporate and ACT Premium Web

We purchased both of these products at the same time.  I installed ACT Premium (being used by seven people here) and completed the installation fine.  I thought that the 2 Premium Web discs were simply additonal functionality (the web functionality) of the product. 


I ran disc 1 and then chickened out as it appeared that is a completely different product.  Prompting me to blast the old installation and install this one. 


My first concern is whether this is a Web only or a fat client only scenario.  I need my users to connect to the ACT server with thick clients.  I need the same users to be able to have the option to connect via the web.


I'm completely lost and I'm not clearly seeing what is what on ACT's site for product lineup.  Maybe I'm missing it.  It clearly lists them as two distinct animals, in my opinion, and in fact we purchased from ACT and both products is what the rep sold us.


I am in a complete holding pattern - your help and clarification would really be appreciated.



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Re: ACT Premium Corporate and ACT Premium Web

Lance -


I can explain this in detail, but via phone would probably be more helpful than a post.  Feel free to call 916/769-9411


Thanks, Richard...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant