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ACT! Premium 2010

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ACT! Premium 2010

Hi All,


I am IT for a medium sized call center with an inherited ACT system.


We currently have a Dell T410 Server with Intel Xeon E5620, 16GB RAM with Server 2008 R2, SQL 2005 Full version.  ACT Data is stored on 2 x 240GB SSD in RAID 1 Config.


Our ACT! System is extremely slow and it is continually getting worse and worse.


I currently have over 700,000 Contacts.

around 500 Custom Columns all together.

Contact Tables have now split into 5 Seperate tables.


We also have Triggers added to SQL backend which update fields i.e. Tick a box a date is filled in.


Are we just way over the limit for what ACT is built to handle any advice would be great.  Especially if there is any white papers on what Sage did recommend or similiar.


Thanks guys.

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Re: ACT! Premium 2010

Also we now have around 90 users.
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Re: ACT! Premium 2010

Have you tried running database maintenance via  the ACT! application on the server as this will re-index the database. You can also run re-index via ACTDIAG on the server as well.

You can set up a scheduled task via the ACT! Scheduler to run this as well.

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Re: ACT! Premium 2010

You stated that you have SQL 2005 full version, I assume that you mean SQL Standard. Is the ACT! instance build on that or is there SQL express also installed with the ACT! instance build on that?


You also indicate about 90 users, do they log in concurrently? The number of users isn't beypnd the capabilities of the ACT! and SQL standard but the server configuration looks weak for that amount of traffic.


Most of all the database design bothers me. Five hundred custom fields added to the contact table is excessive. The fact that it has resulted in four spillover tables will cause performance ptoblems, In my experience, adding a large number of custom fields is often used as a substitue for adding a one-to-many custom table. ACT! does support custom tables but you would need to get a third party plug-in to design and manage the custom tables.

Roy Laudenslager
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