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ACT Premium 2010 Sync Problem

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ACT Premium 2010 Sync Problem

Hi Everyone,


Am new to this forum, so please bare with me.


I have been using ACT for a number of years now and by and large have found it to be excellent.  The problem I have now is that I have a sales person in my business that needs access to my database to call clients, prospects, etc.


I have the main database on PC (Windows 7 Ultimate) at my office and also have ACT on a laptop (Windows 7 Professional) which she will be using out on the road, etc.


Both PC and Laptop have the same version of ACT.


Both devices sync in my office, but for love or money I just can't seem to get them to sync away from the office.


I have tried a number of things, with help from this forum and the Sage website, etc but I am verging on throwing the thing out the window.


All joking aside, I really need to get this sorted, as my sales rep is literally twiddling the thumbs waiting for this.


Any help would be greatly received


If it helps my Router is a Technicolor TG582n and my service provider is Plusnet.


Thanks again in advance

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Re: ACT Premium 2010 Sync Problem

What is the error you get?
You say you're running Premium ... are you using the Network or Internet sync service?

If Network, have you setup port forwarding on the router?
Do you have a static IP?
Do you have an external domain name?
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Re: ACT Premium 2010 Sync Problem

Hi Mike,


I am using the Network sync service.


As far as i can tell i have setup port forwarding on my router for the default 65100.

I also have a static IP address for my router, but haven't put it anywhere within ACT.

I don't have an external domain name, to be honest I don't know what that means.


Hope this helps Mike.

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Re: ACT Premium 2010 Sync Problem

Thanks for the link Mike,


I did try all this before, but didn't seem to work.


Think where i went wrong was where it asks "Enter the Machine Name of host, etc" I was putting in the IP address of my PC and this wasn't working.


Have just put in my static IP address and has synced, but I have synced it in my office, so will see if i can sync it away from my office tomorrow.


Fingers crossed.


Will keep you posted.


Thanks again