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ACT! Premium 2010 Running very slow

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ACT! Premium 2010 Running very slow

Hello All,


I just purchased a new laptop, it is a Dell XPS and has a 750GB HDD and 8GB of ram with a 2.80 GHZ processor with turbo boost up to 3.30 GHZ.  It is running Windows 7.  I have everything I use installed so the PC is "up and running".  When I open my ACT! (which is my own personal database, stored on my hard drive) it opens very slow and takes 5-10 minutes to go through the login complete, loading contacts phase (which there are about 3500 contacts).  Once it opens, it still takes a while to navigate through the contacts and click on different tabs such as the notes tab.  When I access the main database that all of the users access stored on the server it opens slightly faster but not much. 


What kind of options do I have to try and speed up the process?